Singapore Math

Our math program is designed to strengthen common core subject areas. The math based materials designed for teaching Mathematics.  Participants develop a strong number sense and solid math thinking through conceptualization by following the common core “concrete-pictorial-abstract” instructional sequence. Participants are encouraged to learn mental math techniques to simplify computation. Each registrant will received a set of “manipulatives” that he or she may keep.

Participants learn to harness the power of Model Drawing in order to solve word problems. Model drawing had the following benefits:
  • Assists with though organization
  • Allows identification of known and unknown values in math problems
  • Promotes development of strategies to solve real world problems
There will be periodic assessments of each participant’s progress and individual accelerated math is available as appropriate.

Advanced Math Class

Level A: Grade 1-2
Level B: Grade 3-4
Level C: Grade 5-7
Level D: Grade 8-9

Class Size:4-8

Class Description

Our Singapore Math Class is based on the primary textbooks and syllabus from the national curriculum of Singapore. These textbooks have a consistent and strong emphasis on problem solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of the essential math.
In this math class, students are also given significant time and powerful techniques to motivate them to learn independently and become self-reliant learners.


Through the Math class, the benefit of students will include:
* Mastery of math concepts
* Mastery of math skills, including solving word problems
* the ability to work in groups and positive attitude toward learning
* A sense of accomplishment that builds confidence thus reducing math anxiety * Achievement beyond their grade level
* Better grades in school and higher test scores