Our Family

Annie Zhang, Director

Annie has 20 years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese language in secondary school in China. She has held high-level positions in the past as Director and Teacher for Beijing 21 Century Experimental School; Vice President and Teacher for Shanghai Luwan Middle School and Educational Inspector where her primary responsibilities were to promote and guide the development of regional education and school education.

Annie received her Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature at Shanghai East China Normal University and her postgraduate degree in Education Management at Shanghai East China Normal University. She received her Chinese as a foreign language teacher training at the International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute.

Lakshmi Anand, Teacher

Lakshmi was a private school teacher worked as English teacher for Middle and High School. Lakshmi has extensively trained in Planned and developed lesson plans, developing and editing Grammar workbooks and Writer’s workshop, She also worked as a liaison between the school and external organizations in conducting Spell Bee Competitions. Lakshmi has a proven track record of consistently designing differentiated instruction based on knowledge of students’ academic readiness, academic language, diverse cultural backgrounds and individual cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developmental needs.

Lakshmi believes in using a wide range of strategies to address learning styles and provide appropriate support and challenge for students.

Pritty Bhatt, Teacher

Pritty currently taught kindergarten class in iBest Learning Center. Prior to joining iBest, she was a private school teacher taught lessons in Math, Phonics, Art, Reading, Science, and Music. She brings years of teaching experience and knowledge, engage students and get them to look at issues in a variety of ways, lead students to recognize the hierarchy of concepts and to integrate concepts within and across subjects.

Pritty was born in the UK, enjoys spending summer time there, and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southampton Institute, Southampton, UK.

Gilbert Bouzeid, AP Program Teacher

Gilbert is a JAVA expert, and cloud architect with more than 18 years of experience in software architecture, design and implementation. Gilbert led several J2EE and other applications for big companies including eBay, Autodesk, NEC Computer and Symantec. His high technical expertise and skill-set have been highlighted through various success stories of business critical projects. Gilbert is also a author or co-author of several JAVA related articles including “Boost Struts with XSLT and XML” http://www.javaworld.com/article/2073994/java-app-dev/boost-struts-with-xslt-and-xml.html.

Gilbert received his Master of Science degree in Robotics Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Moumita Bhattacharya, Teacher

Moumita is a San Ramon school district substitute teacher, she spends most of her time in elementary and middle schools teaching, help students on Math, English homework and projects. She is certified Education professional with Fundamentals of Project Management certification and eight years of experience in Teaching, and Corporate experience as an Executive Coordinator and Project Analyst in the Public and Educational sector

Moumita earned her MSC in Economics, Calcutta University (India, ranked-2nd by India Today) in India.

Haixia Zhang, Teacher

Haixia earned Bachelor Degree in teaching from Beijing Normal University and worked as a teacher for 10 years in middle school, high school and CAAC Management Institute. She teaches Mandarin Chinese language in iBest Learning Center and is one of our top teachers.

Sunita Gupta, Teacher

Retired Scientist, she was Lab Manager of Inflammation & Neurodegeneration. She has M.S. in Biochemistry

Sreelakshmi, Teacher

Sreelakshmi has many years experience in teaching small kids, she has her unique teaching method to help kids develop their skill set. She is one of our star teachers. She has Bachelor of Computer Application, First Class with Distinction

Jeffrey Verber, Teacher

Jeffrey was a San Ramon school district substitute teacher. He taught kindergarten, middle school, high school and special education classes.

He earned Bachelor of Science in Cultural Anthropology

Sophia Ma, Chinese Teacher

Yvonne, Chinese Teacher