English Reading

Our certified licensed teacher will let kids read a variety of literary, graphic and informational texts with an emphasis on reading comprehension. Participants will be challenged to:

  • Generate and organize ideas to provide complete, written sentences discussing the theme of the chosen book
  • Communicate their understanding of the book and express their opinions orally to an audience


English Writing

Our certified licensed teacher will assess your child’s writing level to determine his or  her individual needs. Our writing staff will create a curriculum to ensure that your child stays on track and transitions into each new level of instruction. Each course is structured to expand your child’s vocabulary, improve writing speed, and develop strong proofreading habits. Homework will be provided as daily reinforcement of the lessons learned in class and is a required part of course participation.

Level A: Grade 1-2
Level B: Grade 3-4
Level C: Grade 5-7
Level D: Grade 8-9

Logistics: Small class sizes of 4-8 students


Expand upon expository (school-type) and creative writing.
Build upon vocabulary and writing mechanics. Examine grammar and style points in each class.


We will cover and review sentence structure to verify the student’s basic skills.
Utilize various exercises to increase creative writing ability.
Using templates students will increase fluency by writing various types of paragraphs and eventually combining them into outstanding essays.


Writing exercises will include book reports, movie reviews, creating comic strips, essay questions and creative writing projects.
Students are encouraged to write about their perceptions, feelings and ideas to increase creativity.
Students will examine a grammar point and style in every class session.
A weekly homework assignment will require 15-30 minutes of work at home.