This program is designed for the elementary learner. Participants will follow theme based activities such as construction of animals and human models (with sports themes such as soccer players).  The program marries working models to software and participants can add movements with easy to use “drag and drop” software.
The projects are team-based and each student is encouraged to participate in the design, construction and final execution of the robotic project.

Check out this WeDo educational robotic program.


Build simple robots using Lego WeDo/Mindstorms EV3 construction set.
Cultivate the sense of programming.
Get ready for Junior FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Competition.


Introduce young children to robotics with a simple kid-friendly interface.
Build LEGO animals or machines with motors and sensors.
Use visual software and on-screen interaction to make models move.
Learn science, mathematics, social and language skills while having fun.
Four EXCITING themes are provided: Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Soccer Playing, Adventure Stories.


Kids will learn to build mechanical structures using Lego WeDo/Mindstorms EV3 construction sets and/or other computer programming software.
It’s SIMPLE and FUN! They can control the movement of their own simple bots using the iPad.
Kids will discover a world of creativity and learn problem solving skills while building their own small robots!