Congratulations teachers and students of 5th Grade!

100% passing rate in 5th Grade Placement Test in 2019
Most scored above 90 and are selected for the next level testing

iBest Learning Danville Now Enrolling Students for 5th Grade Placement-Test Prep classes…

Singapore Math

Our math program is designed to strengthen common core subject areas. The math based materials designed for teaching Mathematics.  Participants develop a strong number sense and solid math thinking through conceptualization by following the common core “concrete-pictorial-abstract” instructional sequence. Participants are encouraged to learn mental math techniques to simplify computation. Each registrant will received a set of “manipulatives” that he or she may keep.

Participants learn to harness the power of Model Drawing in order to solve word problems. Model drawing had the following benefits:
  • Assists with though organization
  • Allows identification of known and unknown values in math problems
  • Promotes development of strategies to solve real world problems
There will be periodic assessments of each participant’s progress and individual accelerated math is available as appropriate.

5th Math Placement Preparation Class

Our 6-month test prep class will prepare 5th graders to excel in their placement tests at the end of 5th grade (usually at the middle of April). Students will learn 6th Grade Common Core Math, and they will take a monthly quiz. Quiz results will be regularly sent to parents so they can keep track of student progress. Homework will be assigned regularly.

This preparation class is free for our after school students

Advanced Math Class

Level A: Grade 1-2
Level B: Grade 3-4
Level C: Grade 5-7
Level D: Grade 8-9

Class Size:4-8

Class Description

Our Singapore Math Class is based on the primary textbooks and syllabus from the national curriculum of Singapore. These textbooks have a consistent and strong emphasis on problem solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of the essential math.
In this math class, students are also given significant time and powerful techniques to motivate them to learn independently and become self-reliant learners.


Through the Math class, the benefit of students will include:
* Mastery of math concepts
* Mastery of math skills, including solving word problems
* the ability to work in groups and positive attitude toward learning
* A sense of accomplishment that builds confidence thus reducing math anxiety * Achievement beyond their grade level
* Better grades in school and higher test scores