iBest Technology Club knows as iBest Learning, was founded by an experienced tutoring co-founder/President, Cheri Chen. Ms. Chen owns and operates a well known tutoring school called “Shanghai Xuhui District Youths Growth Education Training” (www.child100.com) in Shanghai, China, with an enrollment of over 600 students. Now Ms. Chen has brought her passion for children’s education and learning to iBest.

Learning while playing, playing while learning. We emphasize a fun learning environment for children.

We believe that children have a passion for learning. We pursue individual excellence in creativity and strategy, and we encourage collaboration among children, and between children and their parents.

  • We take pride in what we stand for and have fun while achieving our mission
  • We are a team committed to pursuing operational excellence
  • We conduct ourselves with respect, dedication, and professionalism
  • We value discipline and good behavior, which are crucial to early childhood development
  • We embrace change and approach criticism with an open mind
  • We continually seek ways to improve our ability to serve our children